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The soft tissue laser allows us to provide delicate, precise treatment without damaging healthy tissue. Treatments completed with the soft tissue laser are generally painless and do not require the use of incisions or stitches. As the laser is removing diseased tissue it also disinfects the area, which greatly reduces the chance of infection. Best of all healing time is greatly reduced as compared to treatments done with a scalpel. With the soft tissue laser we are able to painlessly treat gum disease and cold sore. The laser is also excellent for gum reshaping and contouring to improve the look of your smile.

Dr. Scharine employs the CO2 Soft Tissue Laser in his office. A carbon dioxide CO2 laser uses highly pulsated CO2 gas. Watery tissue absorbs this type of laser energy, which doesn’t penetrate very deeply, but eliminates diseased or unwanted surface tissue. A CO2 laser leaves a residue of carbon, called char. When Dr. Scharine leaves the char in place, it serves as a biological dressing, maintaining sterility.

Laser Bacterial Decontamination

Laser Gum Sculpting

Laser Treatment – Ulcer